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Our story began in 2000 with the first planted tree. Today we produce more than 900 tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil and molasses. Al Fayrouz farms are located in Egypt in a blessed Sinai region. Its soil considered one of the most fertile on the Earth favoured by the highest number of sunny days a year. Having all pleasant conditions our farm produces juicy, delicious, eye-catching and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Our farms are proudly guarded by double wall of Casuarinas trees in duet with flavourful Lemon trees. Its well-developed infrastructure has easy access to international roads as well as to the Suez Canal.

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Pomegranate is typically in season from September to February. The weight of a one fruit varies from 350 to 850 g with average size from 5 to 12 cm.

The composition of olive oil varies with the cultivar, altitude, time of harvest and extraction process. We produce Extra virgin, Virgin, Ordinary and Lampante.

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We strive to earn loyalty of our valued clients by meeting their growing demand, providing high quality products at competitive price.


Is to deliver the utmost quality fresh agricultural products by adhering to five core values: innovation, quality control, food safety, customer-orientation and social responsibility. We strive to provide outstanding products in couple with premium service to our valued clients.

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Our valuable farmers work under the professional supervision of agriculture-engineers lead by PhD consultancy to maintain operations at international standards.

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100% of our products are being grown and extracted from our farms under our supervision. We guarantee our clients a high quality and great taste at competitive price.