Our Farm

The dream has started at 1997 and reclamation process started at 2003.

Paved Roads inside and outside the farm are 20 kilo meters, we have Five housing camps , two for Engineers ,and two for laborers with each one full capacity of 400 meters , and one for management office which is contain two floors located on an area of 300 meter in addition to it is Overlooking over Suez canal).

Four storehouse each one of them Located on an area of 400 Meters .

Our farm is located in Sinai Reign, and enjoying the magic weather of Sinai Egypt one of the most sunny land on the earth and biggest and most reach fruitful soil.

Northern of Sharm Elshiek on Al Qattara Sharq On the Ras Sedr international road , It is far from Al Salam bridge slope about 50 meters And far from sharq Al Tafrea seaport (port Said) about 50 kilo meters which is (one hour) , and about 25 km from Ismailia city.

AlFayrouz Farm is guarded with double wall of Casuarinas trees windshields and a fence of Lemon trees enjoying the gifted year-through great sunny weather of Egypt,There are three main entrances to facilitate crops transfer on two international roads.We have assigned the (DDC)

Desert Development Center of the American University in Cairo to conduct a scientific research for the soil and water sources of our farm before we started our reclamation process.

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We strive to Earn loyalty of our valued clients by meeting their growing demand, providing high quality products at competitive price.

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Is to deliver the utmost quality fresh agricultural products by adhering to five core values: innovation, quality control, food safety, customer-orientation and social responsibility. We strive to provide outstanding products in couple with premium service to our valued clients.

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AL Fayrouz Farms

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Irrigation System

our farm is irrigated of Nile water that reaching the farmthrough Al Salam conduit supported by a net of reservation open top water tank

Four full irrigation stations ( motors + filters + main tubes + sub tubes + dripping system ) Every station contains 10 Filters (ODIS) to remove impurities with sand filters technology and it is washed electronically

Three open top water tank ( each tank 60 meter X 45 meter) their depth 10 meters and They save in each of them 27,000 thousand cubic meters of irrigation water which used during maintenance periods Salam Canal - Toro Hose PHW1611 Dripping irrigation tubes more than 500,000 length meters

Millions of compensated Toro Micro irrigation drippers to match the required volume of irrigation water for every irrigation time for tree in each season

  • 50 no’s of irrigation motors 25-65 power hours
  • 6 wheels of water (at a depth of 150 meters

Agricultural Equipments :

  1. Four Belarus Tractors latest technology
  2. Four Atomizers ( 3000 ltrs )
  3. Harvesting machinery for each crop of our farm Pomegranates , olives and lemon

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Believing that success would not be reachable without having an army of a very well specialized, experienced and well educated team was the main reason of hiring the best of the best in the growing industry.

Daily Clever farmers labors under the daily supervision of a professional agricultural engineers leading by the best consultant.

PHD. Professors two times weekly visit the farm continuously to maintain operations at international standards and transfer the most advanced knowledge in agriculture.

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Nader Abdellfattah, Founder & CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Nader is the driving force behind the company.